New Horizon Enterprises Ltd.


Who We Are 

New Horizon Enterprises Ltd was founded in 2001. We specialize in marketing and selling food products (including fresh and frozen products) into the Chinese/Asian supermarkets, grocery stores and restaurants up and down in California as well as key markets in the US west coast.  At the beginning, it concentrated in being an exclusive food distributor of a number of brands from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and domestic USA. And in the last 5 years, it has diversified to provide full service to Asian restaurants and non-food household products through supermarkets and direct selling. Currently we operate three business units using the name of New Horizon Enterprises Ltd for all the food distributorship business, Tin Sing LLC for food service business and Illi Marketing for the non-food business. 


How We Operate 

New Horizon Enterprises Ltd is head-quartered in Northern California and has a subdivision in Southern California both operating a fleet of direct sales delivery trucks to directly service all retail customers in California. And for out of state markets, we have a string of third party affiliates to service these markets. 


How We Sell 

The expertise of New Horizon Enterprises Ltd as a whole is using marketing approach to develop markets, increase sales and gain consumers. We have strong belief and experience to work on the consumer side of the equation. Not only we want to make a sale of the product and more importantly to gain a loyal and repeat customer, be it trade customer or the ultimate consumer. 


Our Mission

To develop New Horizon Enterprises Ltd and its other business units as a continually improving professional marketing and sales company to help product manufacturers to introduce, penetrate and gain market share in the US market.